Thursday, January 8, 2009


My dream would be to bring back the tradition of gifts of love in Italy and extend it globally. I would like to make a sampling of loving cups that commissioners can choose from, like they did in the past! I am lucky to have the support of excellent artists in Deruta and my parents whom I thank in advance for their help to make my dream come true.
Your feedback is welcome! 

p.s. I am not sure on how to bring the tradition back if I cannot find the perfect translation into contemporary words, tokens of love that people in love would like to exchange nowadays. Let me go back to the origins first, therefore I will start by testing how I would feel to receive a lovers' cup in the Renaissance style. 

Meanwhile if you like the idea and if you wish to be the first to refresh this romantic Italian tradition in the XXIst century, feel free to contact me. You will receive your customized loving cup directly to your home anywhere in the world. Personable service. Write to:  for your orders. 

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