Sunday, April 22, 2012

Contemporary tokens of love

A contemporary token of love: a hand painted T-shirt

Lovers' cups in the Renaissance were tokens of love, the beloved ones wanted to express all their love to their soul-mates with a real piece of ceramics. With the passing of time we have lost this tradition, although its memory is still alive, which is the idea of something to show your love with.
By following this subject an interesting exhibition opened yesterday April 21st  in Corciano, Perugia (Church-Museum of Saint Francis) and will run until May 1st, 2012 in the occasion of the annual event "Primavera dell'Artigianato" (Arts & Crafts Spring Celebrations), this year for its 20th year.

190 different T-shirt are the subject of this exhibition which is using very original structures and contemporary music in the background, what is stunning for its contrast to the romanesque Church-Museum of Saint Francis. For the opening also enjoying a show of young local hip-hop dancers.

The title of the exhibition takes inspiration from the famous slogan of the "Baci Perugina", the Perugina chocolate candies called "kisses", which was "Dillo con un bacio" (tr."say it with a kiss", "express your love with a kiss"). These chocolate candies are also considered as small tokens of love.

Corciano, Perugia: "Ti Amo! Dillo con una t-shirt - Artigianato per Amore" (tr."I love you! Say it with a t-shirt - Arts & Crafts with love") from April 21st to May 1st, Church-Museum of Saint Francis, Corciano, Perugia, Italy. For those who wish to know more, catalogue of the exhibition available, price is 10 euros.


Curiosity: The best traslation of "gift of love", "token of love" is "pegno d'amore".

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